Fran Del Santo

San Diego, Ca.
What we may want isn't always what we get in life. Work your dreams, find a way to make your work come
alive and live life to the fullest even in hard times.
I have found to help another in photography or proses the day’s capture rewarding. The joy of seeing a person’s eyes light from a photo that was unexpected.
If you would like to book a photography session for yourself or an events, please call/text me (619) 578-9910
Please be respectful of my work and the participants of events; I ask that you don’t download or copy my work. SAD DAY FOR ME, I HAVE BEEN FORCED INTO WATERMARKING MY PHOTOS BECAUSE OF UNFORSEEN PROBLEMS.

Please contact Robert Emery with Rockstar Ridez to arrange purchasing any content from my website. We have partnered up to help distribute my work more effectively so I can put my energy and spirit into the beautiful work you see here, more to come soon.

Robert Emery