Photography by Fran Del Santo

Fran Del Santo

A New Youker Transplant to San Diego, Ca.

Motorcyclist - photographer - student - live life to the fullest even in hard times.

My photography ranges from what is asked to shoot, or just going out for the day. Shooting something every day helps to feed the soul. Photography has truly has become a big part of my life. I will always be a student of photography working to make my dream come true.
I was given a special gift by my late husband John V. Del Santo; life was given to me so I may venture out with camera in hand see the world through a lens.
I enjoy doing all types of photography book an event now please call/text me (619) 578-9910

Please be respectful of the photographer and the participants of events.
These photos are for the express use of the people who were photographed at these events. Do not download or copy any of these photos.
Do not reprint any of these photos without the written permission of the photographer, Fran Del Santo, at